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Jeff goes on an existential journey to rescue Odie from Garfield.

- - -

Developed for the Giant ROM 5 game jam. Due to a wedding, a business trip and general illness on both our parts, we didn't start until Friday 3rd August. Oops.

That said, despite the many, many bugs and some PlayMaker/Unity incompatibility issues, we both learned a lot!

Between feeling ill and starting waaaay to late in the jam, we, uh, started to go a little crazy as the deadline approached. Please ignore (or embrace) the madness!

- -


Game logic/character controller (mostly PlayMaker) by Young_Scott
Sprite art and design by christmas2
2D Destruction script by TheValar
Some sprites borrowed from @TD2TL

Install instructions

Simply unzip the .zip file to a folder and run the Black Monday.exe. Plays best in a 16:9 resolution. Controllers should theoretically work, but it was designed for keyboard.


Black Monday - Final Build.zip 18 MB


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Hey I made a video on this..... game. It was surely a maddening experience none-the-less. I think there is a pretty good game in this but... just... WHY THE GARFIELD? xD    Anyways, here's the video haha.